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The first series was released on DVD in 4 volumes, though fans are strongly urging for a complete re-release featuring the entire season in one package as was later done with Series Two.

Sophie Luck won the 2005 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Young Actor for her role in the winners for series one were Fly and Edge.

The day turns on its head though when Mike's attempt to create a surprise for Brooke almost leads to disaster.

Bec's impending departure creates a job opening and Fly knows the perfect candidate.

He comes from an old German immigrant family that has its roots in the town of Mercer since the late 1700 or 1800's I believe but not sure when precisely. He often remarked that growing up in such a place affected him in a way and I think its very obvious in his music.

Anyway, I think he's crogmanid of sorts but he seems to have a significant degree of elongation to his skull which diminishes it.

I actually visited the town he was from in the state of PA and saw the house he grew up in.

Each season follows the lives of a young group of students at Solar Blue, a high-performance surf academy where several lucky 16-year-olds are selected for a 12-month-long surfing program on Sydney's northern beaches (Avalon, Sydney, and New South Wales in Australia). The first two series were screened in 20 and the producers did not intend to create a third and final series.

However, due to popular demand by fans, they relented and made one more series with only Kate Bell returning in a main role.

Eric and Mike face off for the last spot at Solar Blue.

With: Adam Saunders as Heath, Kate Bell as Bec, Lochie Daddo as Andrew, Tania Yuki as Akiko, Hudson Thomas as Dan; Surfers: Paige Houden, Lyndsay Noyes, Holly Matthewson, Ashley Cheadle, Jaymes Triglone, Dane Pitman, Daniel Asmus, Oliver Minter, Nicholas Degotardi Aus: July 05, 2006 Written by John Armstrong Directed by Ralph Strasser Amy decides a boat trip to an island is just the thing for the new contenders to get to know each other.


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