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Discussion with parents and clinical examination of the child both failed to detect any pathologic finding.The child and his parents were given information about anesthesia and ambulatory surgery (anesthesia procedure including mask induction; postoperative pain and postoperative nausea and vomiting management; stay in the postanesthesia care unit or PACU; and discharge from the hospital, including postoperative complications such as emergence agitation and long-term behavior complications). The child was allowed to eat solids until 6 h and drink clear liquids until 2 h before the scheduled time for surgery (planned at AM).These patients can challenge yourself as a clinician, your colleagues that you work with, and some can even be a challenge to whole emergency department.These patients have a high morbidity and mortality, and present you with an even higher medico-legal risk from their behaviour, injuries they may have obtained, or from the underlying organic illness that is causing their adverse behaviour.

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In centuries to come, our emotional well-being may indeed surpass anything that human legacy wetware can even contemplate.

One of the most important goals of clinicians is patient comfort.

When patients present to the emergency department (ED), treating the pain and anxiety that accompany the chief complaint are critical to patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Behavioural disturbances and aggression in the emergency department is an increasing problem confronting emergency clinicians every day.

50% of attacks on health care workers occur in the emergency department.


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