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Gould called this book “An Oral History,” sometimes adding “of Our Time.” As he described it, the Oral History consisted of talk he had heard and had considered meaningful and had taken down, either verbatim or summarized—everything from a remark overheard in the street to the conversation of a roomful of people lasting for hours—and of essays commenting on this talk. “It’s only things I heard people say, but maybe I have a peculiar ability—maybe I can understand the significance of what people say, maybe I can read its inner meaning.might listen to the same conversation and find deep historical meaning in it.” “In time to come,” he said on another occasion, “people may read Gould’s Oral History to see what went wrong with us, the way we read Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall’ to see what went wrong with the Romans.” He told people he met in Village joints that the Oral History was already millions upon millions of words long and beyond any doubt the lengthiest unpublished literary work in existence but that it was nowhere near finished.

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Getting your group together and determining everyone’s budget is key to having a fun, relaxing weekend. Take into account who is 21 and up, and who is under.

Referred to by researchers as “legal intervention,” the findings show the damaging affects of police use of force on African-American males.

The study, published in the Black men are nearly three times more likely to be killed by legal intervention than White men.

On October 4, TWC’s Engaging Men and Boys program hosted an evening of traditional dancing at Gladys Jung Elementary School.

Groups from Bethel, Napaskiak, and Kasigluk performed in the yuraq.


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