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It will not appear on the actual site) and enter the URL of your site (web address, ie. If the information is correct, the following window will appear: If you get an error, this means your information is incorrect.Double-check your hostname, directory, login, and password, and try again.

One suggestion for dealing with this problem is to use the Site Menu to Recreate the site cache.I installed web matrix and installed bbpress to do theme work.Well in dream weaver it shows that the site has had changes to it when I change things like how the php works or how the forum is to be displayed via css.To add new folders, right-click on the side you want to create the folder on, and click Need More Information?This tutorial is designed to assist students, faculty, and staff of UC Santa Cruz, and is not intended to offer comprehensive support for Dreamweaver.You can resolve some of the problem by changing the FF settings for cache time & size.After each time you make changes you have to reload pages to see the changes.upon saving and testing in a browser (Firefox 4beta 11) there are no changes to the layout (just the php).So I used web tools for FF and looked at the css, not one line was touched... I have created a page and tried to call it through facebox, well apparently webmatrix doesnt see any facebox, jquery or even the php page i added, it throws a 404 fit... Why does Dream Weaver CS5 see the changes in live view but FF doesnt? A good example of this: I place in bbpress default root folder and in the theme folder.It should update without refreshing, so that was already a bug, but one I could work around.Now the browser refuses to update at all, even after emptying the cache (emptying the cache worked the first time, but not anymore).


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