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I look forward to arranging your place at the next dinner or event in the Melbourne area. We offer a very simple and fun way for you to enjoy a meal and meet other interesting people that you may never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. He was born on the Isle of Wight and in 1966 came to Van Diemen’s Land on a ten-pound ticket with his family #White Australia. He threw me a hundred dollar bill and a bottle of Jim Beam. I was in Springvale busking once and a car skidded up sideways and stopped in front of me.He lived in Perth for a bit (guys, he didn’t have a choice) and decided at 14yrs old he wanted to hitchhike around the country and see what life held for him. One day after fruit picking in Sheppo, I was kicking back in my caravan when a guy walked past and asked me to help him with some lyrics to a song. Our first gig was on the streets of Ringwood – we were paid with a roast chicken. I had a guitar case for two years but it got ratty, so I replaced it with a new one. The next day he came back with a ,500 Gibson guitar and asked me to go to his studio to record. I walked past a busker once who was singing a song I had written years before. ” because he was really young, I didn’t know how he could have known it. Two guys jumped out and went into the jewellery store then came running out followed by the shop owner who was screaming. I better do something’ so I stood infront of their car with my guitar. I never felt I was particularly ‘good’ at life but music helps me connect with people and explore myself.Paul is at Camberwell market most Sundays, selling his art and singing in the tunnel that connects the carpark to Bourke Road. He is a romantic, beach-walking, open-fire loving gentleman.The Sprink highly recommends you get a coffee and a veggie pizza slice from Bakers Delight, and sit on the ground to listen to this beautiful man’s voice.) – DUH. You might remember him from Sprinks such as THIS ONE when he talked about his life, and THAT ONE where he went on a date with Kwain Tam. He is shy around girls that he wants to impress, and it normally takes him three or four dark and stormies before he can talk to a love interest #shyguy.Even today, Sydney still remains the number one Speed Dating city in Australia.Sure, population has something to do with it, but lets not forget how fast and active Sydney is with people here leading a very busy lifestyle.

Our main focus is simply connecting singles together with exciting events such as Speed Dating, Singles Trivia Nights, Dinner Parties and more!It is also one of the leading cities in the entire world.Alot of recent and new trends are set overseas and soon brought here to Sydney.Contact us and feel confident youll be treated to the best company and the best restaurants..FREE ecourse Ultimate Successful Singles Guide M: 0488 770 939 W: Amourlife runs fun and friendly speed dating events in Melbourne.Our Melbourne social group is all about enjoying fun activities, meeting new people and making new friends.It helps you widen your circle of friends, restart your social life or establish a new social life.It's true, the average Australian is working more hours than ever before and not surprisingly we value our leisure time.Nowadays, everyone has seen or heard about Speed Dating, but HOW does it actually work and why is it so popular?If you are single and looking to meet a partner, A Table for Six dating sites believes singles dinners for 6 and our events for singles are a great way to meet other singles face to face in a relaxed environment.Most of us enjoy a nice dinner and this is a great way to meet a new partner.


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    We require this as a means of verification and we also use this to identify each other at Meetups. You either show up and have an AWESOME time with great women-loving-women, or you never show up and never get to do what you came here to do... So, to make sure that you are sharing your awesome self with us, please check out our Meetup page regularly, come to Meetups when you can, and suggest meetups you would like to see.

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    Please be aware that rides/games are not included and are charged extra in all cases.

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