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This was a significant event in the forming of galaxies, and ended a time period that is known as the “dark ages”.This discovery was made by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite, which monitors the cosmic microwave background.When the stars first began to appear in the universe, and created the first light, they burned off a haze of hydrogen atoms.

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“Simon and Montet’s findings caused a stir in August, when they were posted on a preprint server while their paper was being reviewed.

Though still ancient by the scale of human years, it seems the oldest stars in the universe may be a tad younger than scientists previously thought.

It’s led to all sorts of speculation on what it can be, with one of the more outlandish theories positing that there is some sort of alien megastructure that is causing the dimming.

It’s not uncommon for stars to get dim when planets or clouds of dust pass in front of them, but usually this happens on a regular schedule and only results in slight dimming, whereas this is much more random and leads to more significant dimming.


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