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Every night of the week at this underground West Village bar you'll find live music (Latin jazz, for example) and games like foosball, ping pong, and chess -- all of which guarantee there will be zero awkward silences. Three times a day at the Central Park Zoo (am, pm, and pm), visitors can watch the sea lion feedings before taking a stroll around the central gardens.While the whole aphrodisiac thing has mostly been debunked, oyster happy hour is never a bad idea (assuming your date isn't allergic to shellfish...).No "Rags to Riches" story here… No inspirational, "Getting My Life Back on Track" true story.As is the case with 99.9% of the homeless, whatever the life trajectory and the personal misfortune and/or issues that has led them into homelessness, as time passes, they find themselves ever more deeply entrenched in a grizzly abyss, from which the chance of escape seems constantly more remote…. Judging from the paltry 11 IMDb user reviews, I'm tempted to answer…."Almost no one! Of course, I have not verified this, but I would practically bet my life on the following: No other film starring Richard Gere listed on IMDb has fewer user reviews!!!And the good news is, no matter what neighborhood you're in, there's bound to be a great one nearby.

While walking the mean streets of New York, in character as George, a longtime homeless New Yorker, Gere said that of the many thousands of pedestrians who passed him by, only two actually stopped, approached him and asked…"Aren't you Richard Gere?“It’s been a year of personal growth.”And it’s been a year of false starts and setbacks.Their first press conference to announce the party’s establishment 12 months ago was an episode they would rather forget: the venue was too small, audiovisual equipment malfunctioned, and reporters were kept waiting for over an hour.There’s one page every week that outlines a date two New Yorkers embark on knowing nothing about each other. A friend who works for Time Out urged me to submit my information. It was guaranteed free drinks and perfect blog fodder. Or A CRAZY CHICK WHO OVER-THINKS FUCKING EVERYTHING! As someone who is used to editing everything she says about her dating life, it was nerve-wracking to give up that control!Have no fear, Time Out New York just highlighted their top five picks (including yours truly) for date spots in the sometimes-too-touristy area.Take a look for yourself and see if your loved one’d be interested in exploring! I certainly didn’t look like I usually do for a date. He could be 400 lbs, 5’3, all gold teeth, 66 years old, for all I knew. We've broken down the very best options, based on what date you're on.On a first date, it's vital to have available distractions should the banter come to an agonizing halt.


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