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Amazon has been the subject of renewed criticism after an expose of its employment practices in the New York Times.

In the nearly 6,000 word piece, the newspaper claimed workers in its Pennsylvania warehouse were forced to work in temperatures in the high 30s - with no air conditioning - until a newspaper reported on it.

From cockpit seat requests, to specifications about the appearance of the cabin crew, some of the queries are pretty surprising. 'Is there any way I can sit backwards like the stewardesses? 'I need you to tell me who I’m next to - I hate sitting beside strangers.

And another guest wanted to let the airline know that 'my boyfriend farts. Others seemed to expect first-class treatment without actually parting with first class cash.

With passengers expected to fork out an extra 00 for a single seat in the first class cabin from Sydney to London on both Emirates and Qantas, flying in luxury is often just a dream to most travellers.

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For a long time, webcams were the only way to video-chat with a friend or family member, and during that time they became massively popular.

They instead position the camera to the left or right, a few feet from the computer, so that viewers can watch them play rather than just watching their face.

The second reason is that many gamers use desktop computers with monitors that don t have built-in cameras.

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