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Having done update panels inside gridviews, I cannot say that I agree that this was the correct answer.I think you just opened the door using an axe instead of the doorknob.I just wrap the update panel around the whole site. The fact you have an update panel in a grid view probably messes up the id of the panel and causes it not to update.I'm guessing you're having problems with bttn Edit being clicked and not causing your Update Panel to refresh, even tho you have an explicitly defined trigger.The ability to integrate partial page rendering is integrated into ASP. When you launch your website, you should see that partial rendering is now enabled, because when you click on the button there will be no flicker, nor will there be any change in the page scroll position (this example does not demonstrate that).If you were to look at the rendered source of the page after clicking the button, it will confirm that in fact a post-back has not occurred - the original label text is still part of the source markup, and the label has changed through Java Script.tl;dr: Change your bttn Edit to also do a server side click, or change your updatepanel to always update (the second one is an ugly hack) I changed it to always update but it doesn't seem to update.

Kind regards, Svetlina the Telerik team I have a similar situation that I think the original poster was asking.This whitepaper is based on the Beta 2 release of the Visual Studio 2008 and the . NET AJAX Extensions into the Base Class Library (where it was previously an add-on component available for ASP. This whitepaper also assumes that you are using Visual Studio 2008 and not Visual Web Developer Express Edition; some project templates that are referenced may not be available to Visual Web Developer Express users. NET AJAX Extensions is the ability to do a partial or incremental page updates without doing a full postback to the server, with no code changes and minimal markup changes.The advantages are extensive - the state of your multimedia (such as Adobe Flash or Windows Media) is unchanged, bandwidth costs are reduced, and the client does not experience the flicker usually associated with a postback.Hello suresh, I am not sure what is your exact setup and whether you use a separate Rad Tool Tip or a Rad Tool Tip Manager but since you assign Text I assume that you use a separate Rad Tool Tip.If so, you can put the HTML content directly in the markup declaration as shown in the following online demo: regards, Svetlina the Telerik team Hi suresh, Would you please provide a more detailed explanation why the provided solution does not help?Whether it's a full or partial Postback, the Life Cycle events will be the same, which I already discussed in my previous article.Hope you enjoyed this article, make sure you leave some good comments.However, I am very busy with developing mojo Portal and do not expect to be doing much active development of nor providing support for Neat Upload.Neat Upload was originally implemented for mojo Portal, but is also used in many other projects both open source and private.I don't need dynamic content for the tooltip, just a simple button that is the same for each product cell (Item Box). Putting the control inside of the Item Template was the real key. Hi Joe, I am not sure what exactly happens on your side because I could not examine sample code but I am glad to hear that you managed to solve the problem.I tried placing the tooltip in the control (custom Control Product Attributes: Product Box1) that get's nested and repeated in the asp: Data List for each product, but only the first cell/record/Item Box in the grid was tooltipified. If you want to investigate the problem further, you can send me runnable sample code and I will let you know what have been the reasons for the issue.


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