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SARTECH I Criteria For Search Personnel - This is the testing criteria for SARTECH I (update 2/2003).Canine Certification Program - Everything for testing all SAR canine disciplines (update 1/2016).To get access to the Drop Box files contact the Executive Director at [email protected] DOCUMENTS The Program Administration Manual (PAM) - This is the current PAM (update 2014).Furthermore, for each landslide area, the occurrence of persistent scatterers points and the statistical description of their velocities were reported.This methodology may allow the systematic updating of landslides inventory maps keeping all information on each landslide, becoming the basic tool for the realization and updating of thematic maps such as the landslide susceptibility map.NOAA is proud to announce that the National Beacon Registration Database for U. Also, if you sell your 406 MHz beacon, notify NOAA that you have done so, inform the buyer that they must register the beacon for themselves. Emergency beacon owners can register and update their beacons directly via the internet. If you change any information on your registration (such as phone number, address, bought a new boat, etc.) you MUST update the 406 MHz beacon registration with NOAA.

If you are an Evaluator, Lead Evaluator, or Instructor there is also a secure Drop Box system where the latest version of course and examination materials are kept for your reference and download.SAR images from ERS-1/2 satellites (1995–2000) and from Envisat satellite (2002–2009) have been used, allowing the deferred-time analysis of past movements and the record of recent slope movements.In the multi-temporal updated landslide inventory database, the characteristics of the landslides were highlighted: geometry, state of activity, typology, monitoring systems, interventions, source of information and the updating time and actions.Please provide the new owner our phone number or this web page so they can register the beacon.If you have previously registered your 406 MHz beacon with NOAA but have not accessed your registration information via our online registration site, you can access your beacon (just be sure you have your 15-digit Unique ID at hand) and view/update your registration now!The cost necessary to meet the hydrogeological disasters is one of the major items of expenditure for the civil protection authorities.Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is essential to work for a proper land management and planning.And the update is done immediately instead of having to wait to either fax or mail your changes in.It is important to note, however, that your registration is valid for only two years and you are required to re-register the beacon every two years so that we can maintain up-to-date records on your contact information.Please be aware that the genuine 2017 edition of the Handbook, published by Palgrave Macmillan, can only be purchased on publisher’s website.Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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