Updating fedora 10

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download fedora-release and fedora-release notes from the f12 mirrors 2.

yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop Environment” base core 11. logout and reboot It took a while to get everything and I had to break a few pieces up in order to make all the pkgs fit when I downloaded them but everything else just worked.

Ok, well you could download the Fedora 11 Alpha ISO, and run the upgrade script when booting the DVD. Or Enable Rawhide Repo, and disable the other repo's such as fedora 10 updates so it's only Rawhide.

updating fedora 10-1updating fedora 10-82

When I closed this window, I was immediately informed by the Software utility that the Fedora 24 upgrade was available for installation..

Why not make some room on you disk and install a seperate F11 alpha? Or is Live CD the only way my laptop can do testing?

F11 is actually very stable (as of todays updates) and the 29 kernel from koji. -- Jeff Partly why I dislike LVM on machines that don't actually need it is, basically you should have these partitions by default: swap /boot / Were as if you have lvm you have those but it's like this: swap /boot LVM problem with that is, a lot of things cannot alter LVM size, meaning re-sizing a partition, which is what you need. When installing Fedora 11, make sure the set the partitions up manually not using LVM.

That gives an overview of five or six of the most important changes in Fedora 24.

Clicking the other button, Download, actually starts retrieving the packages needed for the upgrade, and shows a status bar of the download progress.


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