Updating hp unix system steps

To upgrade the firmware on target servers to the latest HP Service Pack baseline, use an HP-provided Insight Control server provisioning OS Build Plan to deploy an SPP as described in the following sections: Build Plan to update the firmware on target servers.It is important to note that the offline firmware update is performed from the Linux service OS, not production OS, which means the server will be rebooted into the Linux service OS if it is not there already.Most other volumes still need to be unmounted before fs can grow, so estimating correct size is pretty important.--0-- some of the major files location: /etc/hosts /etc//etc/fstab /etc/lvmconf/vg NN (binary files, but see all volume grp here) /sbin/rc.config.d/ /sbin/rc.d/ ***** Initial system install checklist: ***** Ensure that / and /usr are fairly big, as these are not not expandable unless in single user mode (or maybe online JFS).Bcos If mirrored then the Free PEs available should be divided by 2 for 2 no. 2) #lvcreate -L Size M (-n lvname) /dev/vg01 -n is optional u can give any name u like or the filesystem name being created.

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Use this procedure to directly upgrade the client from the installation package (that was created using the Download Manager).Notes to have in mind and don't panic: - i LO connection will be reset during the Firmware Upgrade, so don't panic.- Once the flashing is done, reload your page and clear your browser cache if needed, and then login again to the i LO.Use this procedure to remotely upgrade the client from the command line.When selected, the system automatically stops Oracle/DB2 services if the system requires Oracle/DB2 services to be restarted on windows clients.An HP Service Pack for Pro Liant (SPP) is an ISO image that contains firmware, drivers, and software packages for Linux and Windows.The components of each SPP are pretested together for stability.The default mentioned is VXFS if u have BASE JFS product atleast installed or else will be HFS.#newfs /dev/vg01/rmytmp The above will create a new VXFS filesystem with NOLARGEFILES and NOQUOTA arrangement.on the HP Proliant Servers: 1- From the Web Interface 2- From the Command Line (on a Linux Server) Once you are logged in the i LO, follow this steps (in this example i LO 3): 1.First we will take note of the current i LO Version: Information - Select the file (.bin) to upgrade and click on the button "Upload" The image will be uploaded to the i LO and then it will begin the "Flashing" of the i LO itself.


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