Updating macbook

There are several thinner and lighter laptops available now. The entry-level Mac Book Air runs on a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 chip.

For a few hundred dollars more, you can go up to a stronger 2.2GHz Core i7 processor.

Apple’s Mac Book Pro is an institution in the laptop market.

Originally released in 2006, the Mac Book Pro has been in consistent production longer than any notebook except Lenovo’s T-Series and X-Series laptops, and it has defined the premium market since its release.

For more details, take a look at our New 13-inch Retina Mac Book Pro (early 2015) preview.The price drop follows the same pattern that we saw with the Mac Book Air and i Mac ranges earlier this year, with a reduction of around £100-£150 per unit, although the top of the range Mac Book Pro with Retina display is now £200 less at £1,999.It is this top of the range 2.5GHz quad-core Mac Book Pro model, with its dedicated n Vidia processor that we will be looking at in this Mac Book Pros with Retina display review.Apple also updated the 15in Mac Book Pro on , read our review of the 2015 15in Mac Book Pro here.Now, in summer of 2014, Apple has dropped the prices and refreshed the processors in its range of Mac Books with Retina display.The Retina-screen Mac Book Pro line has received a running upgrade to its Intel CPU – a baseline clock speed increase of 100 MHz across the board for the 13-inch dual-core models, and 200 MHz for the quad-core 15-inchers.It seems likely that Apple has made these slight tweaks to the Mac Book Pro range predominantly to allow it to bring down pricing, but also because the Broadwell processors that are the natural successor to the Haswell chips in these Macs, and the generation before them, are delayed: likely a cause of frustration to Apple.That would logically place the new Mac Book Pro in an October 2017 release window, which would make a whole lot of sense considering when the updated Mac Book Pro released in 2016.quoted sources stating that Apple plans for not just the new Mac Book Pro, but a new 12-inch Mac Book and possibly even a new Mac Book Air, to debut during its WWDC 2017 event this June.We use it as a point of reference in our reviews; if a laptop can match or top the Pro, it’s probably going to win an Editor’s Choice.Yet the introduction of the Retina display left Apple in an unusually precarious position.


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