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The optimizer's job is to take SQL statements and decide how to get the data that is being asked for in the SQL statement and how to get it in the quickest way possible.

When a SQL statement is executed, the database must convert the query into an execution plan and choose the best way to retrieve the data.

The resulting scramble to fix those issues confirms their fears about the dangers of running statistics.

But if they ran statistics regularly, used the monitoring tools as they are supposed to, and fixed issues as they came up then they would have fewer headaches, and they wouldn't encounter them all at once. If a table goes from 1 row to 200 rows, that's a significant change.

Those are the times when system statistics are most important because that’s when the system may be taxed.

In your experience, how often should Oracle database statistics be run?

The choice of executions plans made by the Oracle SQL optimizer is only as good as the Oracle statistics.

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(Oracle has tools to do this for you automatically, you tell it the query to optimize and it does.) Many organizations avoid running statistics out of fear of bad query plans popping up unexpectedly.But this usually means that their query plans get worse and worse over time.And when they do run statistics then they encounter a number of problems.Stale statistics can lead to poor geodatabase performance.Data Management Tools Rebuild Indexes: Updates indexes of datasets and system tables stored in an enterprise geodatabase.If you are loading data in bulk or running query-intensive DML operations with SQL, these tasks need to be done more often.Fortunately for us, these tasks are relatively straightforward to accomplish.This tool is used in enterprise geodatabases to rebuild existing attribute or spatial indexes.Out-of-date indexes can lead to poor geodatabase performance.First of all, let’s talk about gathering system statistics.System statistics are not gathered by the database.


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