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You'll no longer have to rely solely on the web UI interface and the standard datasheet view. The list data can be fetched with either the Share Point object model or with the standard Share Point web services which allows for remote preview/updating of list items.

List items are being updated using either the SPWeb.

Ali, Thanks, but this is something I already have set up.

The problem is that after the value is updated, everytime the item is changed (other columns that the one that trigger the workflow) the workflow restars, and in my case re-sends an email (it was set up to Actions: send an email). Thanks, You probably need two workflows, a hidden field and a "Start another workflow activity" (which can be found on Code Plex) Workflow 1 is a helper workflow which is set to start when an item is changed: It check if Status is equal to hidden field If it is the exit If not then start workflow 2 and set hidden field to current value of Status Workflow 2 is then the real workflow which does what you want when Status is changed @Marius: The first step in the workflow should be to compare the field value and provide a logic branch.

Using your example, it seems it's not like The Field Collection describes the schema of the list items.

I have my code updated in my original post, but I am stuck on what to write in my if-statement when I encounter the image I want.

Execute Query(); // important, commit changes to the server Wow, I definitely think this has me on the right track.

When you query the field value use indexer, you should give it the internal name, not the one we see in the Share Point Online.

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Martin's solution is very straightforward but you can also expand on this by using content types to allow for an approval process that performs another action.You can review the Developing Applications for Share Point 2010 on MSDN or download the code and documentation in CHM format. The released second version of guidance integrated topics from the orignal version on development and design fundamentals, and expanded coverage to LOB integration, content driven applications, and adding enterprise qualities to your Share Point applications.The release included a library of reusable components, a guide, and a new reference implementation of a Partner Portal application.You can create client-side functionality that takes advantage of modern browser capabilities and Silverlight to provide a rich user experience.These new features, operational models, and development tools make Share Point a more complete application platform, and it also introduces new design and development decisions for customers.With Share Point 2010, you can build multi-tenant, hosted applications on an infrastructure that is scalable, secure, and stable.You can create powerful, data-driven solutions using Share Point lists or external data.static String field Name1 = "Title"; static String field Name2 = "Keywords"; static String title = "A Beautiful Sunset"; static String keywords1 = "test1"; static String keywords2 = "test2"; static String keywords3 = "test3"; static Network Credential credentials = new Network Credential(username, password, domain); static Client Context client Context = new Client Context(URL); static Web site = client Context. Does anyone have any experience with this using the client-object model? Client Context ctx = new Client Context(" List list = ctx. Check out this detailed walkthrough on MSDN for more background on Share Point and the Client Object Model: OM_The_Managed_Client_Object_Model So in this case the following sample code from the above MSDN page illustrates it: Just remember that every field has an internal name. Get By Title(list Name); static File Creation Information new File = new File Creation Information(); private static void update Fields() I know how to get to the field, but I am not sure how to access the actual value within the field and modify it. Get By Title("List Name"); List Item Collection items = list. You need to load actual list items to access their values! Having this done, we've heard that many people could be interested to see, use and adapt that kind of scripts for their own needs.All scripts you can find here are used in real production situation and some of them are scheduled in different windows tasks.


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