Updating two cells linked in excel

In need to update them monthly from an Excel sheet.

Can you suggest a way to automate the process without having to punch it in a text box every month?

That way, any changes made to the data in the first worksheet would be automatically reflected in the second sheet!

To copy a link between cells, first copy the cell that you want to link into another worksheet or workbook, and then select the destination cell to link.

Thirteen options exist for info_type and a discussion of each is beyond the scope of this short tip.

To see a detailed explanation of all thirteen info_type arguments, refer to Excel’s Help system.

The address option instructs Excel to display the address of the cell of interest.

The filename option instructs Excel to display the full path of the filename that includes the current cell of interest.

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=CELL(info_type, reference) The info_type argument of a CELL function describes the type of data you want the function to return.

This is handy when using the result of a formula as the basis for other formulas in linked workbooks or worksheets.

For example, if you had a workbook that totaled sales per month on one worksheet, and another worksheet in the same workbook that totaled the monthly sales per quarter, you could copy and link the totals from the first worksheet into the second worksheet.

But, if you have Kutools for Excel, its powerful utility – Combine can help you quickly combine multiple worksheets, workbooks into one worksheet or workbook.

In Microsoft Excel we can link a textbox to a specific cell to show the linked cell content in the text box.


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