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Culture of Uzbekistan is one of the brightest and original cultures of East.It is inimitable national music, dances and painting, unique national kitchen and clothes.Set between the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers where “hospitality is ranked higher than courage” we will welcome you as part of our extended mahallya – our community family.Learn about friendly rural villages, ancient settlements, temples and tombs, some of the oldest cities in the world overlaid with recent history but proudly claiming their heritage.The songs connected with customs and traditions, labor processes, various ceremonies, dramatized entertainment representations and games belong to the first group. Koshuk - household song with a small diapason melody, covering one or two rows of the poetic text.

National and professional poems of the poets of East are used as the texts for the songs.

The Uzbek national music is characterized as variety of subjects and genres.

The songs and tool plays according to their functions and forms of usage can be divided into two groups: performed in the certain time and under the certain circumstances and performed at any time.

When leaving, the host won’t say goodbye without giving them another bread. This movement is accompanied by dancers and musicians that play on Karnay ( long instrument) and Doira (wooden rim).

Did you know that Karnay was a military signal instrument during Middle Ages?


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