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Here are a couple of simple benchmarks to show the (huge) difference in performance, using and scripts compiled in both modes: Such performance results in significant daily productivity gains, both for the Red team, and Red users.

It was worth the time and effort it took to properly convert the runtime library into a shared library.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 0.6.2 release of the Red programming language and toolchain.

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Sel Length = Len(Search) Else Msg Box "String not found." End If End Sub The following tables list Visual Basic 6.0 properties, methods, and events, along with their Visual Basic 2008 equivalents. In addition, there are numerous conceptual differences that apply to all controls, including differences in data binding, font handling, drag-and-drop operations, Help support and more. Text & " are good food and classical music." End Sub Private Sub Form_Click () Dim Search, Where ' Get search string from user. All Visual Basic 2008 enumerations map to the namespace unless otherwise noted.For more information, see ' Visual Basic 6.0 Private Sub Form_Load () Text1. Search = Input Box("Enter text to be found:") ' Find string in text. This table provides links to topics explaining behavior differences.How to: Validate File Names and Paths in Visual Basic How to determine whether a string represents a file name or path.How to: Validate Strings That Represent Dates or Times How to determine whether a string represents a valid date.(The app required the user to enter a numeric serial number.) I bingled the web for a while to see if anyone had any better ideas about how to do it than I did and I discovered (Yet again!! This article covers the common recommendations and then the one I recommend. But if you're going to do it this way, why not use the technology invented to do it: Regular Expressions.(Which actually isn't very common.)First, some code to test the validation. (I have a more complete tutorial on Reg Ex here: Regular Expressions in VB.This is a minor feature, as Rebol-like languages already come strongly equipped for string parsing and processing, thanks to the Parse dialect.option is used, the toolchain compiles user code in release mode, compiling with it all dependencies (including Red runtime library).Where there is no direct equivalent in Visual Basic 2008, links are provided to topics that present alternatives.This section discusses how to validate strings in Visual Basic.


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