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The area around Waikiki beach, lined with posh hotels and boutiques, is, she says, for "high-class street walkers"."This area - drug addicts, low-class streetwalkers," she adds. Those tend to involve snorkelling adventures or biking down sooty volcanoes.But hidden behind the pristine image of this Pacific paradise is a thriving sex tourism industry. Right here." A female, possibly in her teens, is standing on a corner.With drinks so cheap, if you bring with you and leave with empty pockets, it’s probably time to go home instead of climbing in the back of your new friend’s pick-up truck, and joy-riding through cop-ridden Waikiki.

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The streets are mostly empty in the mornings, but today there is some activity in a park - a fair or festival of sorts has drawn a meagre crowd. She had been doing the same thing a few blocks earlier. Bitanga says she appears too "dirty" to be a trafficked child prostitute.

Bitanga is one of an unknown, and some say very difficult to measure, number of children and women who have been forced into sex work in Hawaii.

Sure, the bars you’re about to read about aren’t Honolulu’s most important bars, but they’re not bad places, and they don’t encourage bad behavior... These are the kinds of places where all of a sudden it’s 4am, and instead of taking Charley’s Taxi, you’re walking home wearing someone else’s rubber slippers and... Before you know it, you’ll be ordering the watermelon soju (half a large watermelon, gutted and filled with distilled rice liquor) and a straw.

Especially not after the daily happy hour from 5-8pm, when you can start drinking fruit-flavored soju that tastes like your favorite childhood ice cream.


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