Who is jake pavelka dating now

It was so weird, because we had already been intimate!It’s bizarre to change overnight like that.” And the Jake-bashing continues, as Tanya also poses the million-dollar question on a lot of people’s minds: is Jake gay? Jake would get really giddy [with one particular male friend] and the two of them were very touchy-feely.” contestant Juan Barbieri.We thought it was weird when Vienna Girardi, 24, said Jake Pavelka, 32, suddenly stopped being intimate with her for months — but it turns out she’s not the first girl he’s done this to!“Jake did the same thing to me,” Jake’s ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas tells magazine.

Pavelka grew up in Denton, Texas and he started taking flying lessons when he was twelve.

“I always wondered if he could be,” she admits to the mag. Though Juan, 37, denies it, sources say he and Jake were seen at West Hollywood gay club Micky’s in mid-2009 and they were acting like a couple!

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Most of the show's couples have had fairy-tale proposals atop mountainsides, fought in the public eye, pretended everything was fine, and then split for good – usually within one year.

But there were some lasting relationships, and others that took unexpected twists and turns (Dating another in 2010 and found love with insurance agent Roberto Martinez. The couple postponed their wedding, blaming it on scheduling conflicts and a kickboxing injury.


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