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"The fan returned to Mr Kay's house six more times between September 16 2014 and March 4 this year, usually between 8pm and 10pm, terrifying the Jamiroquai frontman.When the frustrated pop star asked why she kept appearing at his front door, Angel said: "I think you know what this is about.Deep down you know what this is about." In an emotional victim impact statement read to Oxford Magistrates' Court as Angel was tried for harassment, Mr Kay said: "I was genuinely in fear for my safety and the safety of the others in my home."Her visits were unpredictable and she was appearing more and more aggressive when she could not see or speak to me."I believe her erratic behaviour means she is not mentally sound and I lived in fear of what she was capable of doing next."Mr Kay suffered many sleepless and restless nights as well as suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and depression as a direct result of his harassment.The singer was particularly unnerved by Angel's cool demeanour which had "a sinister edge to it" and the fact she knew his dog's name.Australian-born Ilona Angel, 51, even set up camp in the vast grounds of the pop star's luxurious property for two weeks without his knowledge.Mr Kay, 45, asked Angel to leave his Horsenden Manor home in Princes Risborough, Bucks., after she repeatedly turned up at his home over a six month period.

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by drinking water instead of wine,” adding that it is “highly unusual” to “toast with anything but a full glass of wine.” (In case you weren’t aware, pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to drink alcohol.)Twitter reacts to Jay Kay pregnancy rumor The singer’s rep told journalist, “I do not comment on his personal life,”... This has caused multiple stories about the alleged pregnancy to make their way through bulletin boards and other social media sites during the past 24 hours, just following engagement rumors earlier this week.

Nonetheless, Kay is considered an electric guitar pioneer because Kuhrmeyer bought their past company, Stromberg-Voisinet, and produced the first commercial electric guitar, the Stromberg Electro, in 1928.

but eventually grew to make a wide variety of stringed instruments, including violins, cellos, banjos, upright basses—and a variety of different types of guitars, including classical guitars, lap steel guitars, semi-acoustic guitars, and solid body electrics.

Kay also made guitar amplifiers, beginning with designs carried over from the old Stromberg company.

Kay eventually subcontracted its amplifier production to Chicago music industry rival Valco in the 1950s.


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    Rossi had previously hinted that she wouldn't mind reversing the roles and popping the question to the father of two, whose exes include former star Jo de la Rosa.