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Among the standouts are the consecutive "Baby Don't Cry" and "I'm Coming Back," both originally recorded for Lalah Hathaway, and an 11-minute version of Luther Vandross' "Forever, for Always, for Love" that best displays the increased depth and richness of Hathaway's voice.The singer also does well by Anita Baker with a fine version of the Top Five R&B classic "Angel," a song she has performed both for and with Baker.The hook was that I was able to sing multiple chords at once.On the You Tube video you can see me realizing, in the moment, how to control that process.Whether you live in or near Detroit, MI, this is the place to reserve your seats to see Lalah Hathaway live in concert.Following the release of Where It All Begins, her sixth album, as well as subsequent appearances on recordings by a few other artists, Lalah Hathaway received some long overdue recognition.I just found him funny and it was like we were the same person - except that he's British, almost 30, and a man!The secret is out about #Patti La Belle 41- year old boyfriend that actually moved to Philadelphia to be closer with his boo.

When Jimmy Jam announced we'd won, my heart actually did stop for one second. Every music lesson [I] ever took, all the scales [I] ever learned, the people happy for [me] sitting in that room — [it was] total elation.

A live recording with Snarky Puppy -- a stupefying update of Brenda Russell's "It's Something," a song she previously covered on her 1990 debut -- won the 2014 Grammy for Best R&B Performance.

The following year, due to her lead on Robert Glasper Experiment's interpretation of Stevie Wonder's "Jesus Children of America," she accepted a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

I flew in, we rehearsed it once or twice and recorded it at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Virginia, in front of a live audience, who were arrayed around the band on the stage like after a family dinner, all wearing headphones.

Going seven minutes-plus gave me the room to stretch out and do different things.


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