Who is nefertiti jaquez dating

I met Nefertiti Jaquez several times, and I was honored that she considered me a friend, trusted me, and even more honored that she allowed me to write her good-bye to you her viewers, friends and fans.

"It's entertainment-driven, pop-culture-driven, and we'll be able to have access to a lot of different guests." Marc Rayfield, vice president of programming for CBS Radio, which owns WIP, said Ellis "leaves on extremely good terms with us.

“So I’m definitely taking a STEP OUT ON FAITH.” AND FOR MY PERSONAL NOTE FROM HER: “As for us Hugh E, you still OWE me a date. With that said, I MISS IT THERE…but I’m not gonna lie 80 degree weather in Miami, just so nice as well as nice to be with my family.” I look forward to her visit, because if it’s one thing I learned this year, it’s about quality of life, not quantity.

God Speed NEFERTITI JAQUEZ XOXO UPDATE: I just got off the phone with NEFERTITI JAQUEZ explains to me that Houston is close to Miami, where she is caring for an ailing relative and the weather is warmer.

Her report also made it onto Twitter, where she wrote the following: “We have learned the Philadelphia Police officer who was shot earlier at 22/Lehigh has died.” That tweet was retweeted at p.m., 48 minutes before Wilson was pronounced. Around the same time that Jaquez’s tweet went out, someone tweeted “Police officer shot dead in Philadelphia” and linked to an NBC10 story online.

It’s unclear what that story said at the time, because it has been updated.


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