Why online dating doesnt work

You’ve gathered your courage and your finest one-liners and signed up for one or more dating websites.

And a couple of months and a few hundred ignored messages later you’re all but ready to give up. Online dating isn’t really harder or easier than “real life” dating; it’s just different.

Those are the primary reasons people don’t find love online. All of these problems are fixable with the right mindset and the right strategies.

It has nothing to do with the sites themselves and everything to do with your mindset and dating strategies. We show our clients how to do both in our live workshop.

You have to be able to write about yourself in a succinct way that leads to the right type of guys wanting to know more about you.

We are going to tell you the exact reasons online dating doesn’t work for people. You can change what you’re doing online and transform your results. People usually use photos they have of themselves laying around their house or computer. You want to quickly go through profiles and send initial messages to the guys you like. You don’t want to get stuck in an online relationship.

We DO have unrivaled experience and knowledge about the online dating world. We know why some people struggle to find the right person online and why others find their soul mate quickly. After looking at millions of profiles, we can tell you without hesitation that 99% of people don’t take their photos seriously enough online. Also, talking endlessly about your career or accomplishments is also a turnoff on a dating site. You want to get to know people on dates and judge compatibility after several dates. You can’t sit back and wait for the right guy to find you online. Many people waste a lot of time messaging people online.

You are both setting yourselves up for a false reality, a false relationship built on image alone from the get-go. They were asking me about the singles world and I was explaining the prevalence of online dating, and how it works, and Phil tore me to shreds – for good reason.

And more often than not, the man is nothing like what you imagined and/or visualised when you finally do meet in real life – but the catch is, you often don’t see it, as you’ve already put on rose coloured glasses before you’ve even met him. I was sitting in Raffles Hotel in Singapore recently having breakfast, when I ran into Phil, a friend and his beautiful wife. “Anyone who is online is desperate, all of you people who go online to meet someone should have a good look at yourselves in the mirror, because if you can’t meet someone in person, there is something wrong with all of you.” Ouch.


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