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Jolynn Winter, 12, left, and Chantel Fox, 12, centre, from the community of Wapapeka First Nation in Ontario, died by suicide this month.Chantel is survived by her twin sister, Chanel, pictured far right.Health Canada said the department is aware of the donation "will proceed with its funding to the community to meet its mental health needs," a spokesperson said.Fiddler said Nishnawbe Aski Nation wants to "tap into" people's desire to help First Nations by looking for more ways to seek charitable donations from individuals or corporations.In a given month, there are nearly 24,000 children in New York City receiving preventive child welfare services that keep them safe and with their families; more than 1,700 unaccompanied, homeless youth who have no parent advocating for them; more than 67,000 children whose families rely on city-funded child care.

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