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Bosu Sumo Squat—Use a bar to stabilize yourself standing on the bosu ball, feet on the outermost edges of the bosu.—Hold the bar in front of you below your hips with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip.—Keeping your feet flat, chin up, and spine perpendicular to the floor, squat down until the bar ends up just in front of your toes.—Stand back up.Swiss Lumbar Extension Lat Press—Start with a Swiss ball on the floor.

While going totally full frontal, Orly and Katy went paddle boarding in the ocean.

“It requires that you remain standing upright on an unsteady surface while maneuvering a paddle taller than you are,” says Jameson. “The key is to teach your muscles how to cooperate when they're confused,” says Mims, “and this program does that.” Do this routine three times a week (and work up to five as you get more comfortable) to improve your SUP performance…

“As a result, you use just about every muscle in your body.” In order to prepare to get up on the board, it’s important to strengthen certain muscle groups beforehand. Kneeling Pulldown to Triceps Press—Kneel on the ground facing a resistance bar, and straighten your spine so it’s perpendicular to the ground.

“A few years ago, there were only five to 10 SUP races, and now there are hundreds of events,” says J. Jameson, a senior instructor for REI Outdoor School and certified level 2 SUP Instructor.

Stand up paddleboarding isn’t as easy as it looks, though. M.—who SUPs himself—to create a program that focuses on strength, balance, and muscle reflexes.


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