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Here is a list of clubs who have submitted their information to Otakon organized by location.

Career Builder is one of the best-known brands in talent acquisition, but it has been known primarily as a job board.For more info check either the biography section of the Facebook page or this video link (The Internet) Web: Clubs Unite/The Premiere mailing list for Anime Clubs all over the world.There are over 200 anime clubs in ACU and several Industry reps such as Right Stuf and Funimation.PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PSI COORDINATOR: PSI Coordinators are volunteers who offer caring and informed support and resources for treatment for moms and their families.They also provide information and resources for area providers who are caring for pregnant and postpartum families.First, few businesses can run successfully on word-of-mouth alone these days, so you'll need an internet presence.Second, even micro-businesses rely on some form of technology to succeed, so you'll need computers, and probably a network of some sort as well.It doesn't matter why you started your small business; it doesn't matter how killer your idea is; it doesn't matter if you've identified a completely underserved niche; it doesn't even matter how deep your pockets are, really—if you don't get the tech right, you're simply not going to succeed. You know you probably need one, but what are the challenges of setting one up for a whole company, where it actually might matter a great deal if your neighbors can piggyback on your bandwidth—or steal your intellectual property—if you don't get it right.And, let's face it, most new small businesses don't have bottomless pockets, so it's absolutely critical to get it right from the very beginning. You know you need a website, but how are you going to get one. The sheer volume of things that you need to know and problems you need to solve before you can even get started can be crippling. The answers all depend on the type of business you're running and your business goals.Feel free to include any other method of contact if you'd like.If your club used to be listed, but isn't anymore it means that we couldn't find it through the information we had (most likely due to being out of date).


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